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"Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight."
-- Proverbs 18:17
(modern translation)

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Revealing Quotes from MADD and Some of Their Friends

(with parenthetical comments from

>"Don't forget impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime."---National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) radio script, July 2003. (The message is clear: one drink and you are a criminal).  CLICK HERE for 7 government Public Service Announcements celebrating American Freedom Week

>”Promoting 'responsible drinking and driving' is like promoting 'responsible drive-by shootings'."---MADD’s Driven Magazine, Fall, 1997. (This was in their nationally distributed magazine.)

>"The only safe amount of alcohol when you are mixing driving and drinking is zero - double zeros, no alcohol," says MADD’s Tina Pascoe. (They swear they are not for Prohibition.) 

"Forget limits on BAC. It's just not acceptable to drink and drive, period" - Madd President Wendy Hamilton. (And since we can't eliminate driving, let's eliminate drinking.)

>"...I had ceased my affiliation with M.A.D.D. when they would no longer allow me to say the name God or Jesus Christ when I spoke to people about the story of my daughter."---Former MADD coordinator, Vicki Soles. (Must be the disturbing fact that Jesus drank wine.)

>“Last year, 24,000 nationwide lost their lives because of drunk drivers.”— Theresa McNeil, MADD spokeswoman on WXON-TV. (Misspoken again? The MADD message loud and clear: Already inflated Alcohol-related death numbers equal drunk driving deaths.) 

>Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1990, "No one can seriously dispute the magnitude of the problem...drunken drivers cause an annual death toll of over 25,000." --from the Supreme Court decision allowing sobriety checkpoints. (Alcohol-related deaths equal drunk driving deaths. Now where did he get that idea?) 

> ”Once you’ve consumed your first drink, you’ve lost that ability to make a sound judgment.” ---MADD Chapter President, Penny Wagner. (That explains a lot about our lawmakers.) 

>"Drunk driving is one of the most frequently committed violent crimes in the United States, killing 16,653 people last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration."---Nationwide Insurance Poll press release, Dec, 2001. (They have also learned the art of misspeaking. Nationwide is a financial contributor to MADD and reaps 2-300% higher premiums from DUI arrestees.)

>``Education is important, but we're to the point where almost everyone knows they shouldn't drink and drive. The people who are still doing it are choosing to do it. The most effective way to deal with them is to arrest them.''  David Kelly, MADD, Virginia chapter. (All 80% of the population—and hurry up about it!)

>July, 03 NHTSA radio script: “Impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime,”  “If you drive impaired you’ll get caught.” (MADD policy, government policy. Same people. The distinction blurs.) 

>“Lowering the legal [arrest] standard will be a deterrent for light drinkers as well as heavy drinkers. There is no safe blood alcohol level, and for that reason, responsible drinking and driving means no drinking and driving.”—Catherine Prescott, former President, MADD. (They swear they are not for Prohibition, really.)

"Drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in the nation today. DWI arrests in 1987 totaled an estimated 1,728,000, more than three times the total for all other violent crimes (murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault).”---MADD pamphlet. (Drunk driving=violent crime=rape, murder. Get the message.) 

>Drunk driving continues to be the most frequently committed violent crime. ---MADD’s Wendy Hamilton, Nov 21, 2002. (To be violent, shouldn’t a crime always have a victim?) 

>From the NHTSA: “Although every year 1.5 million impaired drivers are arrested, only one arrest is made for every 772 occurrences of driving under the influence of alcohol.” (That’s 1.158 Billion occurrences of violent, mostly victimless crimes every year! And 1,158,000,000 potential arrests each year. We need one BIG jail. Note also that drunk driving is now impaired driving.) 

“…we do not want to overlook the casual drinker. If you choose to drink, you should never drive. We will not tolerate drinking and driving-period.”---MADD President, Karolyn Nunnallee. (They swear they are not for Prohibition, honest.) 

>"Mr. Howarth, how many fatal accidents do cell phone users cause every year versus drunk drivers?"
"I have absolutely no idea, nor do I care."
--- Brian Williams and MADD lobbyist Tom Howarth, MSNBC, March 4, 1998. (Cell phone use has been equated to a BAC of .10 (drunk). MADD supports cell phone use while driving, so you can report drunk drivers.)

"In El Salvador, a first offense results in execution by firing squad."   In fact, an attorney from the Salvadoran Embassy phoned Chaloupka demanding that MADD stop lying about El Salvador's driving laws.---Detroit News, 4-27-91. (Lucky we live here where it’s only jail, fine & license suspension.)

 >”Good morning, I’m James Fell. I am a national board member for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Director of Traffic Safety and Enforcement Programs at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation [PIRE]. Before joining PIRE, I spent 30 years at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.” (MADD policy, government policy. Same people, same policy.)

MADD board member and PIRE researcher Robert Voas admitted, "Drivers in the .08 to .09 range often do not exhibit the blatant erratic driving of higher BAC offenders, so that the evidence for probable cause may not be present for stopping a vehicle." (Note to MADD, “He forgot to say drunk drivers.” Perhaps we should call them closet drunks since they don’t exhibit any clues to their real identity. PIRE is responsible for many of the alcohol studies that MADD & the NHTSA use.)

>”In Fairfax County, Virginia the cops are arresting drunks -- get this -- in bars. That's right. They are going into bars and dragging people outside to determine if they are drunk. And if they are, wham-bam, it's into the slammer, Sam!” ---Dec, 02. FOX news. (The Untouchables, Virginia style.)
MADD’s reaction to the news: "In our view, law enforcement is doing its job," said Chuck Hurley, an official with the National Transportation Council and former national board member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  (MADD policy, government policy. Same people, same policy.) 

>“If .08% is good, .05% is better. That’s where we’re headed, it doesn’t mean that we should get there all at once. But ultimately it should be .02%.”—Steve Simon, Chairman, Minnesota State DUI Task Force (Why stop there?  “00” is such an easy number to remember.) 

>“We may wind up in this country going to zero tolerance, period.”—U.S. Senator and MADD supporter Barbara Boxer (D-CA). (California always wants to be first.) 

>”The National Crackdown is a partnership of criminal justice and traffic safety partners in all 50 States joining forces to catch impaired drivers and to lock them up.”---NHTSA, July, 2003 (Impaired drivers are the new violent criminals and police are now called traffic safety partners. The proposal is to stop 93 million drivers at sobriety checkpoints as soon as taxpayer funds are received. Look for a catchy label without the work checkpoint in it, maybe “Safe & Secure Streets Campaign”.)  

>"Because of the heightened visibility checkpoints give to DWI law enforcement, they are especially valuable and effective as a general deterrent… If the public is aware the police will be conducting checkpoints... they drink less," From a MADD speech. (Fear of the government and the police is a desirable thing, evidently.)

"We cannot have the kind of country we want if people are afraid of those folks who are trying to protect them." -President William Clinton.  (Unlike George Bush, Clinton was never arrested for drunk driving and his chauffeur doesn't drink.)

>U.S. Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta said "If you drink and drive, you lose. Today we're putting drunk drivers on notice: If we catch you drinking and driving, we will arrest you and prosecute you." (Now drunk driving is a federal offense!)

>Last year 17,274 Americans lost their lives on our nation's highways in alcohol-related fatal traffic crashes. This number constituted the first increase in drunk driving fatalities in a decade. Katherine P. Prescott, President, (MADD) Senate speech, May 7, 1997. (Here in the same paragraph is alcohol related equated to drunk driving. This in a speech to Congress.)

>"This compendium incorporates MADD 's position on each issue, sample laws, sample testimony or speeches, and other useful resource information..."--- NHTSA Zero Tolerance Underage Drinking website. (To save money they could combine the NHTSA and MADD logos.)

>Paul Mulshine, Star-Ledger Staff, July 20, 2003---"[Quote by]...MADD president Wendy Hamilton in a Reuters article just prior to the July 4, (2003) weekend: "Last year, 18,000 people were killed in drunk driving crashes." This not true, however. The MADD people admitted that when I phoned their Washington office.
"She may have been misquoted or she may have misspoken," said spokesperson Stephanie Manning when I asked her about Hamilton's statement. "The official line is to say 'alcohol-related deaths.'"
I asked Hamilton if she knew exactly how many people were actually killed by drivers who were legally drunk in 2002. She said she didn't, but she invited me to call the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.
The NHTSA spokesman said he didn't know either. But he was kind enough to point out that the "alcohol-related" category employed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving includes a great number of accidents in which the participants were either not drunk or not driving. If a car hits you as you walk across the street after having a glass of wine with dinner, for example, then the .01 blood-alcohol content in your corpse will be sufficient for NHTSA to classify your untimely demise as alcohol-related - even though the driver was totally sober... (Just an innocent misspoken statement, ala another president, named Nixon.)  CLICK HERE for the complete news article 

>"Lowering the legal [arrest] standard will be a deterrent for light drinkers as well as heavy drinkers."---Former MADD President, Prescott. ("And vengeance is mine," said the Lord.)        
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